The entire story of Jesus is about God investing in us. Because of God’s investment in us, we have the opportunity invest in eternity. Every time you’re generous you invest in eternity. When you support the ministries of Hope Lutheran Church financially, you’re investing in eternity because every person we reach with the Good News of Jesus Christ has eternal significance. Every child that attends our Vacation Bible Experience, every teenager we send to the Youth Gathering or Camp, every person who is part of a Bible Study or Small Group, all of it is making an eternal difference.

As you consider your charitable giving, please prayerfully consider investing in eternity by contributing to Hope. You can give in person or online right now by clicking the button below and selecting “Invest in Eternity” from the dropdown options. You might even consider transferring some of your investments in the stock market to something that cannot fail like the mission of Christ.

Whichever way you choose to give, thank you for thinking about Hope.

— Pastor Derek

Invest in Eternity