Students Impacted by Generosity

It was a life-impacting week that 32 high school students and counselors will remember for a lifetime. A 7:30am Saturday morning flight from Ontario airport landed in Portland, Oregon where the students climbed into vans and began their 3 ½ hour drive to the Washington Family Ranch YoungLife Camp in Central Oregon.

With an almost uncontainable excitement the week was filled with zip lines, go karts, “pool olympics,” and nightly “Club” (worship services). Over the course of the week students were given the amazing opportunity of getting close to each other and to Jesus as they discovered more about faith and created lasting friendships. We had students whose faith was deepened and students who began to explore what it means to believe in and follow Jesus. When the students landed back in Ontario a week later, life was richer, faith was stronger, and friendships were deeper.

All of this was possible because of the provisions God made possible through incredibly generous donors and volunteers who gave a week of their time to build into the lives of students. Jesus showed up in big ways!